Elisa Pardini

Elisa studied architecture at the Universitá degli studi di Roma Tre, graduating in 2006, and gained his Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Architecture in 2007.
During university she worked as set designer assistant for Opera Film in Rome (she worked in the team of Antonello Geleng and Marina Pinzuti Ansolini).
She started working in Rome at Fuksas Architect at the end of 2006, where she stayed until 2007. She was part of the team for Montecatini Masterplan and then for the developing of two thermal centre buildings: La Salute and Le Leopoldine. She has the chance to work on them from the concept phase until the site construction drawings.
In 2008 she collaborates with la Sapienza Università, Dipartimento di Sociologia e Comunicazione – Semiotica and her study about post occupancy of the auditorium of Rome was published in the book “I luoghi del consumo – Il consumo dei luoghi”, part of the project PRIN.
In 2008 she moved to UK to work for Foster + Partners.
She started working on the development of More London, briefly on site with Plot 7 and then studying the landscape of the masterplan.
Elisa then moved to work on the competition for the New York Public library. She was part of the winning team.
She spent the last year and half on the project Crossrail of the new DRL in Canary Wharf. Again she had the chance to follow the project from the concept phase untill construction drawings She was encharge of various packaging, as the park and the two pavilions.

In 2010 Elisa founded elips design. Following a number of successful residential and retail projects, the company has been published worldwide.
In 2012 The Dri Dri gelato shop was listed as a finalist in the AJ Small Projects Awards.
In 2013 during the Clerkenwell Design Week in London ‘The Hanging Garden of Clerkenwell’  demonstrated elips design commitment to research, through new materials and products to study how architecture can effect social environment.

In 2015 together with Robert Hall , she founded Pardini Hall.


2015 – actual

Director _ Pardini Hall _ London UK

2010 – 2015

Founder and director of elips design _ London UK

2008 – 2009
Foster+Partners-London UK

  • development at More London : internal fit out and estate masterplan
  • new York Public Library competition : part of the winning team
  • Crossrail station at Canary Wharf : workstages C to H – pavilions and park landscape

2006 – 2007
Studio Fuksas Rome-IT

  • masterplan for Montecatini Terme
  • refurbishment of Le Leopoldine- stage C to H
  • new building of La Salute – stage C to H

In 2007 Elisa’s research about Post-Occupany has been publish in the book  “Roma : I luoghi del consumo – Consumo dei luoghi” – Edizioni Nuova Cultura  Book series of Semiotics directed by Isabella Pezzini _PRIN 2006.

2005 – 2004

  • Set Designer assistant in Rome for Opera Film  _  “The Card Player” by Dario Argento  and “Eternal” by W.Liebenberg and F.Sanchez



Qualifica professionale di Architetto  – eq.Part III

Laurea di Architettura  – Università degli Studi di Roma Tre – eq Part I and II


Liceo Classico “N.Machiavelli” – Lucca – diploma di maturitá classica


Image copyright Foster+Partners and Fuksas.