lobby with wood staircase and carpet
cucina con isola top di marmo
dining area with marble material

Project: residential


02WR is an exquisite renovation project set in the heart of Gloucester, United Kingdom, breathing new life into a historic residential building. The endeavor encompasses a thoughtful extension at both the ground and first floors, seamlessly blending the old with the new.

This meticulous restoration will result in a residence boasting two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an inviting open space that seamlessly integrates the kitchen and living areas. The interior design of 02WR is a harmonious fusion of contemporary elements interwoven with distinctive details drawn from the building’s rich history.

Our vision for 02WR goes beyond a mere architectural restoration; it is a celebration of the past meeting the present. Through a careful balance of modern aesthetics and historical reverence, we aim to create a living space that not only meets the demands of today but pays homage to the charm and character of Gloucester’s architectural heritage.

Explore the transformation of 02WR — where every detail tells a story, and the spirit of Gloucester’s past meets the promise of its future.



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180 sq m