– Project: Design Proposal

Brixen Library

Cicerone: “Si hortum in bibliotheca habes, deerit nihil” – ” If you have a garden in a library you have everything you need”

PHA together with Mauro Dell’Orco, Andrea Cattacin worked on the competition for Brixen Library.

A new box made in cor-ten to embrace and connect the two existing buildings, creating a new interactive space not only to archive books but also to inspire, amazed and to spend free time. The idea of the new Library for Brixen is to create a cultural center that meets the needs of contemporary society and acts by promoting educational activities and creative development, taking into account the philosophy of the IFLA Manifesto for Public Libraries. A living centre that opens the doors to the city and becomes a new public space for dialogue and encounter. The project was born as a result of the desire to collect the diversity offered by the existing buildings and complement them with a new building that represents the heart and the face of a cultural vision. The existing building of the Guardia di Finanza will be refurbished to be included in the new building, preserving its historical essence but connecting as efficiently as possible. The new building will fit with the existing geometry, in line with the planning already present, using an architectural language in harmony with its environment. The transparency of the building, achieved using glass and corten, will recall the possibility of an easy access to the culture. We create a “living room” inside the new building, accessible to all age of the population. The garden space is integrated and lived.