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Pardini Hall Architecture is undertaking the restoration and re-imagining of an historic Tuscan estate for contemporary regenerative living. Forci is a multifaceted family project — a Regenerative Farm and forthcoming Healing Sanctuary, Farm-to-Table Restaurant, Gallery Space with an Artist Residency Program, and an inspiring living community of sustainably developed Tuscan farmhouses — all nestled within the captivating and unspoiled province of Tuscany.

Tenuta di Forci is located in one of Tuscany’s most unspoiled provinces. The ancient agricultural estate – dating back to the 14th century – boasts 350 hectares of forest, vineyards, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and vast olive groves.

The estate was recently acquired by an impassioned and visionary Dutch family. Their dream is to create a place where like minded people can connect to the power of nature through regenerative living. Forci is a working regenerative farm that aims to inspire visitors and guests who come to learn from the land, to cultivate more conscious, sustainable and healthful lives.

Chiasso is the first of 11 historic farmhouses on the estate to be renovated. This exclusive project encompasses four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an open-concept kitchen and living area, along with the addition of an internal swimming pool and spa for a touch of luxurious relaxation. The interior design seamlessly blends contemporary elements with the timeless charm of rustic Tuscan aesthetics.

All the houses in the development will follow regenerative / circular construction principles: reusing materials: embracing renewable energy: biomass utilisation: efficient insulations: water re-use and collection. Locally-produced materials will further reduce the ecological footprint and contribute to the vitality of the surrounding community.

This endeavour is an integral part of the holistic philosophies that define the essence of rural Tuscany within the Tenuta di Forci



Design by: Pardini Hall Architecture

Location: Lucca, Tuscany


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675 sq m