Project: residential


Chiasso represents the meticulous refurbishment of a historic residential building nestled in the picturesque countryside of Forci, Tuscany. This exclusive project encompasses four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an open-concept kitchen and living area, along with the addition of an internal swimming pool and spa for a touch of luxurious relaxation. The interior design seamlessly blends contemporary elements with the timeless charm of rustic Tuscan aesthetics.

This endeavor is an integral part of the holistic philosophies that define the essence of rural Tuscany within the Tenuta di Forci

In line with our eco-friendly principles, we prioritize the reuse of all construction materials whenever possible, promoting responsible resource management. Additionally, we source locally-produced materials to further reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to the vitality of the surrounding community.

As part of our dedication to energy efficiency, the building will be meticulously insulated to enhance thermal performance, ensuring a comfortable and sustainable living environment. Chiasso represents not only a harmonious blend of contemporary and rustic Tuscan design but also a testament to our holistic approach, where architectural elegance seamlessly intertwines with responsible building practices.


Design by: Pardini Hall Architecture

Location: Lucca, Tuscany


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675 sq m