Project: commercial

Como 1907 Hospitality

Part of our engagement with Como 1907, together with the Training Centre, discover the intersection of contemporary design and immersive sports ambiance in our latest project – a refined Hospitality Initiative within the stadium. We’re excited to introduce a modern approach to spectator comfort and luxury, seamlessly blending sophistication with the raw energy of the game.

Our vision goes beyond conventional stadium experiences, offering a meticulously designed space where the excitement of the game meets contemporary comfort. This project represents a progressive step in the evolution of stadium hospitality.

Every detail is carefully considered to create an environment that captures the essence of the game while providing a haven of calm. From panoramic pitch views to thoughtfully designed interiors, our Hospitality Initiative is a fusion of sleek aesthetics and practical functionality.

Indulge in VIP treatment with our exclusive lounges and premium seating areas. Immerse yourself in the game from a vantage point that combines luxury with the vibrant stadium atmosphere – an experience tailored for those seeking a sophisticated sports entertainment.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our hospitality project. Energy-efficient lighting and eco-friendly materials define our initiatives, reflecting our dedication to creating spaces that align with environmental consciousness.


Design by: Pardini Hall Architecture

Location: Como, Lombardia


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650 sq m