Project: commercial

Como 1907 Training Center

Part of our engagement with Como 1907, together with the Hospitality area, welcome to the beating heart of sporting innovation, where aesthetics blend with functionality to create a unique space dedicated to growth and training in the world of football. Our architecture studio is thrilled to present the ongoing project for the new Training Center of the Como 1907 football team, a place that harmonizes the beauty of design with the practicality of sports needs.

Our goal is to transform the concept of football training by creating an environment that inspires, supports, and promotes the development of emerging talents.
The interior of the Training Center reflects the essence of modern football, incorporating clean lines, innovative materials, and a neutral color palette to facilitate relaxation while maintaining the determination of the athletes.
Common areas welcome players, coaches, and guests in a cozy and stimulating atmosphere. The relaxation and wellness area provides a tranquil space for physical and mental recovery, with refined design and high-level comfort.
Our commitment to the environment is also reflected in the design of the Training Center. Sustainable solutions, such as LED lighting and low-impact materials, contribute to creating an environment that respects both athletes and the planet.


Design by: Pardini Hall Architecture

Location: Como, Lombardia


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220 sq m