– Project: Temporary

Pc Case Dwell


During the London Design Festival, Pardini Hall (formerly elips design) together with Mauro Dell’Orco has created a moke up to show how to re use pc cases for the construction industry.

Redesign of resource life cycles Is claimed that every product has a life period, it is launched, it grows, and at some point, may die.

A fair comment is that – at least in the short term – not all products have to die.

When it is not possible to recycle them (as in some case of pc tower) why don’t re-use them for a complete different scope? Come to check how many things a case can be ! Supported by Eco Computer System http://www.ecocomputersystems.org.uk/

And why not think about starting to produce the Pc Case like Lego blocks to make it easier the construction?