– Project: Restaurant + Retail unit


The brief was simple : create a taste of Cremona’s countryside in the heart of London.
The restaurant specialises in Italian agri – cultural food influenced by the familiarity of high quality agricultural food from Italy. Since fresh and tasty food is an essential part of everyday life in Italy, Rosetta has been designed with the intention of capturing its experience and making it feel unique.
The restaurant’s design directly references the material found in an agricultural context, bringing the outdoor elements of the country side into the indoor space.
We chose utilitarian materials and raw finishes to reference the packing materials used to transport food to the shops. The window in the street wants to catch the eyes of the passerby as much as possible, keeping as much connection with the street level as possible.
The use of a green carpet and plywood boxes is a reference to the country side stalls that you can find in the markets in Italy. Food is displayed on shelves and counters made from plywood, in reference to this material commonly found on wooden packing crates.
Because of the narrowness of the shop, we divided the space with a concrete counter that clearly shows the service area with the public one.
The seating area is position to create an intimate room where recessed screens display the origin of the products and the aim of the shop.

Our client says:‘Pardini Hall have created a space that is fresh and unique and instantly recognizable’.
Lighting : Muuto


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80 sqm