– Project: Temporary

The Hanging Garden

of Clerkenwell Design Week

During the Clerkenwell Design Week the courtyard of Pardini Hall (formerly elips design) is transformed in the Hanging Vegetable Garden.

Pardini Hall wanted to show how easy is to improve a space in the city and to actually grow your own food, even if you don’t have the actual space on the floor.

Architecture can improve lifestyle starting from a very small participation, making our working/living environment appealing through the involvement of all the senses: sight with green, smell with the good fragrance of herbs and strawberries, taste with the food you can easily pick!

Pardini Hall truly believes that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether that is in the workplace, at home or in the public realm. Allied to this is the acknowledgement that architecture is generated by the needs of people – both material and spiritual – and a concern for the physical context and the culture and climate of place.

That is why we chose a vegetable garden: The Nature has always been considered a source of well-being and lift up the spirits (spiritual need) . At the same time we felt important to encourage oneself to grown our own vegetables (material need_ healthy food!). Last, but not least, to get the world greener is a must now and even the smallest space can be utilised (carbon emission help_ sustainability). Every little helps.

We chose an hanging garden to show that we always can find a way to get greener. Even if we struggle to find space on the floor, or on the walls, we can hang from a ceiling or from a structure.

This concept can be used in fact in any interior, in any commercial space, both inside or outside, in any shopping mall. It has a very easy way to be created and installed, as well as maintained.

The installation was made in collaboration with VIABIZZUNO lighting designer and with the landscape architect Stefano Marinaz.