Project: retail design

Thermal Centre Montecatini

Image courtesy of Fuksas Architects.

The program of the project is the creation of a natural landscape through a series of stepped pools that are grafted onto the slope, whose design is determined by the orography of the land. The common thread is water as an element of connection in order to create a single large “Water Village”. The intervention will involve two different plants: the Leopoldine and the Salute: the first will offer therapeutic and wellness treatments through the use of thermal water, treatments and the Roman bath; the second larger one, the creation of the swimming pool park and in general of a new building organization. The entire project is developed within the broader redevelopment and design plan for the Terme di Montecatini. Surfaces: Indoor: Total: 4746 sqm Ground floor: 2373 sqm First floor: 2373 sqm Exteriors: Total: 8239 sqm Total pools: 2150 sqm “Cratere” surface (existing pool): 490 sqm New pool area: 1660 sqm Walkway area: 952 Sqm