Grade II listed terrace house, Westminster, London

102 BG

Carlo Carossio

The project involved the refurbishment of the dwelling and the addition of a lightweight glass and steel extension which provides the family with additional light and space.  In the daylight, the glass and stainless steel structure reflects its surroundings, almost melding with the garden.


In the evening, the extension illuminates the original brickwork and the glass façade virtually disappears. Additionally, two walk-on skylights increase the natural light throughout the building, whilst also providing an interesting feature that changes with the seasons outside.


The result is an integrated contemporary design to this classical building. The modern makeover of the ground and basement floors, creates brighter spaces, using elegant materials and furniture. The landscape has been simplified and tailored to the client’s needs. Large indigenous ferns were relocated and donated to Belgrave Square, which opened up the garden, revealing a classical fresco once hidden away.