Emanuelis Stasaitis

Space is always at a premium in London and with this build, we were challenged to extend the space to allow the client to live and work in comfort. 

Materials used in this project excitingly blend old with new: Victorian architecture against modern, efficient glass.

Within a triangular shaped extension we housed a new bedroom and ensuite bathroom.  We inserted a glazed lobby area, filling the existing kitchen with light whilst providing visual and practical connections to the outside and the extension areas respectively.


What our clients say: “Not only did Pardini Hall make this extension work, but they managed to make the best use of all the space, fitting in a bedroom, bathroom and a glazed corridor which has provided me with more than enough space for my books and a table so I can work whilst looking at the garden. 

“They arrived at several design solutions which allowed me to be part of the process and choose one which fitted my needs best.

They also provided me with several suppliers of materials which meant I was able to build something that complimented the original building and the surrounding industrial architecture. 

I was very impressed by how they thought one step ahead and fitted in clever storage solutions wherever possible.  We also managed to finish under budget which was unexpected but very welcome. 

Building my extension with them has been one of the best investments I ever made and it looks better than anything I could have dreamed of”.