Future Retail Destinations

AJ/Crown Estate Future Retail Destinations – Eco Egg

The concept is centered on the experience of a square or park – a public space.
Playful shapes, colors and relaxing corners will allow the consumer to have a calm mind and pick the correct shopping – better quality products for longer lasting use. Each egg will be a shop on two levels, where it will be possible to have an area for production / artisanal / laboratory as well as for displaying the merchandise for sale. An area for growing vegetables is incorporated, to allow farmers / producers to use their allotment to harvest and sell directly, or to be used by the bars and restaurants directly.
The building is conceived as an enclosed square – a flat portal frame will enclose the space with glass curtain walling transparent, opaque or reflective smart glass depending on the particular area.
The roof will be covered with solar thermal and photovoltaic panels to providing power to run the entire building, with the exception of a large roof light, positioned over the trees, to allow natural daylight to flood the space. The building will be designed with smart ability to balance himself. Rainwater will be harvested to be used in the allotment, water for appliances and facilities will be re-used. All waste is to be recycled or re-used on site.
This retail park will become a destination for spending free time, where people will go not only to consume but to enjoy the space. Retailers will benefit for the presence of a varied environment.

A place to create a community and to connect with people while shopping.