Carlo Carossio

Grey oak, Carrara Marble and tones of grey are used to create a comfortable yet high standard space for Capricci, inside Neo BankSide.
One of the most prominent challenges was working with a Sterling Prize finalist building.
We wanted to respect and highlight it on one side, and on the other side try to meet the high standard and quality of gastronomic spaces in our contemporary world.
We also wanted to create an intimate atmosphere that suits breakfast, lunch, dinner and aperitivo, and we worked to achieve these refreshing objectives all while respecting the iconic location next to the Tate Modern, and inside a Richard Roger buildings.
The kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant, open but partially screened by the counter, allowing diners to see the chefs preparing meals.
This is a key feature – central to the dining experience. Diners have the opportunity to witness the chefs at work.
In order to leave the products as the main focus, we played with clean design lines and tones of grey, dividing the space to make all the display area as accessible as possible in order to encourage public engagement to the ‘market area’ with ten linear meter book case, creating plenty of space to store and show the products.