Product design, a discreet litter tray



If you’ve ever thought, ‘We love our cat but don’t like looking at it’s litter tray’, then this is the product for you. This no fuss, simple design, can be customised to fit in with the interior of your home. The litter tray and other cat paraphernalia neatly fit within Catteaux, which your cat can leave and enter through a discreet back entrance. There are holes for air and light and even a little carpet so your cat can clean it’s feet after use!

With this product, we have achieved a design that is sleek and safe: Catteaux is made from lacquered MDF and is able to withstand up to 100kgs of weight.

Catteaux is also smart and sustainable: eliminating the smell and view of the cat litter, whilst being completely recyclable.

If Catteaux is something you’d like in your home, contact us.

Watch a video to see how Catteux works