Encom21 Headquaters

Robert Hall

Encom21 is an independent production company that works with media and editing. PH|a was called for both the visual identity and the refurbishment of their headquarters in Tuscany.

The logo wanted to hint to the film for making movies, and the color are related to the area that Encom 21 follow. This was part of the overall branding and interior design project. The rooms are divided by color depending on the functions.
We were asked to design an office environment that could reflect their unorthodox character. Like their work, the office environment would have to offer an abstract framework within which collaborative, social, and emotional relationships could begin to form and transform the architectural space. The idea of a non-habitual office space is shown with a domestic interior transformed by tech loving young people into a workplace.
Breathing life into an existing structure by using colours, texture, materials and making the best use of the natural light. Each room serves different functions, divided by color depending and shown both in the furniture and in the visual identity.
In the entrance room the collaboration with the artist No Curves.