A Tuscan casale given a very modern twist

The Foxes - Le Volpi

Carlo Carossio

We were introduced to the project as a derelict farm house from XVI century, requiring an extensive refurbishment.

We choose to excavate the existing basement/canteen to create a new spacious liveable floor space, with kitchen and dining area – the true heart of this Italian home.

Externally, we needed to work within local planning laws and took inspiration from nearby stone buildings to create a house at ease in its surroundings.

But in line with our values, the sustainability of the building was at the forefront for us.  We focused on creating as little waste as possible throughout the construction process: all excavation and demolition material was reused over the duration of the project and none removed from site.

The house also makes the most of sustainable technologies with heath pump, underfloor heating and cooling-natural insulation.  The owners are able to harvest the rain water.  We have added solar panelling to cover the energy needs of the house.  We have used and re-used local materials, furniture and equipment found on site.  The house functions using clean electric energy. Each room has a colour to define the use.  Click here to see some picture before and after.



By Tom England