The Italian Job Pub mix

Design Proposal

Concrete geometric tiles, wood panels, painted with copper leaf effect, copper and marble slabs. Materials which create the right atmosphere for the kiosk of The Italian Job Pub inside the Westfield.

The design proposal recreates the same feeling experience inside the previous iterations of The Italian Job – with the aim to create a casual and comfortable atmosphere.

The kiosk is open which means each element of the design is on show – consideration the the design of functional spaces and material choices are key.

A perimeter wall of timber highlights the moment you step inside The Italian Job, inside this boundary is the dining area, with incorporated seating in leather.  A central island divides the space – and through material divides the function of the kiosk.  A marble area is designed for the breakfast and coffee, whiles the copper bar is, as usual, for the beers.  A central section with open glass fridges capture the interest for the produce as well as the freshly prepared food.