Competition entry

Youth hostel & education centre, Malles

Design Proposal

In our proposal for this youth hostel in Malles, Italy, we designed the building to follow the curve of the landscape. The wooden façade echoes the natural beauty of the valley in which the building sits, seamlessly connecting it with its surroundings.

Additionally, tree filled courtyards and large green spaces adjoin the building to the natural world around it, whilst affording youngsters with additional space to meet, work and socialise.

The first floors, separate from the semi-public areas, contain bedrooms for the students and teachers. The ground floor includes large glass panels, maximising natural light throughout the building. There are three distinct buildings, each with their own functions: sports, rooms for learning and study, as well as dining & washing areas.

The buildings are connected by a glass corridor, allowing light into the building and so those inside it to maintain their connection to the outside world.