– Project: Retail

Salotto 900

This exclusive cocktail bar, an Italian speakeasy, is only accessed through a secret door, concealed behind a bookcase with access permitted via a candlestick payphone.
In a room in which we retained and enhanced the room’s original features, Salotto 900 transports the customer back to a time when alcohol was prohibited. To create an atmosphere which reflects the suave cocktails served, we used a high gloss finish and soft lighting from beautiful, vintage chandeliers. Grey tones contrast the timber panelled walls.  Pewter, silver leaf emphasises the niche design, new custom-built counter top and cornices.
The effect is as sophisticated and classy as the cocktails served. 

What our clients say: “We have worked with Pardini Hall for two of our locations in London. They have created our environmental branding and demonstrated exceptional vision and attention to detail whilst employing quick decision-making, open-mindedness and detailed drawings and specifications. They managed to create two unique places, which, even in their differences reflect our brand and create the right atmosphere”.


Facts + Figures






110 sq m


London, UK