– Project: Design Proposal

Malles School

PHA together with Andrea Cattacin, was selected for the competition for a school in Malles.

Nestled within the natural contours of the landscape, our architectural design gracefully follows the mountain’s curve while gently inclining towards the valley. Preserving existing routes and entry points, the structure effortlessly integrates with the environment, comprising three distinct buildings for varied functions.

The ground floor serves as a vibrant connecting space, strategically allowing sunlight to permeate the interior through courtyards. These open areas also double as external semi-public spaces, fostering a seamless interaction between nature and architecture.

On the first floor, a deliberate separation from semi-public zones reveals purposefully designed bedrooms for students and teachers. This intentional spatial layout not only caters to functional needs but also establishes a rhythmic flow in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Our architectural project transcends construction, embodying a thoughtful fusion of form and function. It reflects our commitment to creating spaces that enhance the human experience, harmonizing with the natural beauty that envelops them. Explore our design, where every curve and contour tells a story of synergy between architecture and the environment.